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What are the different types of Distribution Channels

What are the distribution channels? These are the points (individuals and businesses), through which goods must pass before they reach the consumer. Some distribution channels are long, consisting of many intermediaries, while others are shorter and have few or no middlemen. Forms of Distribution Channels Distribution channels are broadly divided into direct and indirect channels. […]

Varieties of Retail Channel of Distribution

Varieties of Retail Channel of Distribution What is a retail channel of distribution? This is the path that a product takes from the producer until it reaches the consumer. This path includes individuals and businesses that serve as intermediaries or middlemen. Intermediaries may be wholesalers, distributors, jobbers, agents, and retailers. A retail distribution channel is […]

How to get in Retail Wholesale Distribution

Whether you are new to the job market or are looking to change industries, retail wholesale distribution is a good line of business to consider. This line of business involves buying in bulk from producers and supplying to wholesalers, retailers, or even directly to consumers. The most important question is how do you get into […]

What is the difference Between Retail vs Distribution

In the business world, words are thrown around and used interchangeably; it is so easy to get confused. Sales of goods from producer to the consumer involves processes like retail and distribution. Distribution is the process of selling products from producer to consumer. A distributor is someone who buys goods from the manufacturer and resells […]

Retail Distribution Strategies

As a producer, you need to ensure that your goods get to the final consumer. That usually involves a chain of individuals and businesses collectively called the distribution channel. The channel may be short, as in the movement of goods from the producer directly to the consumer, or it may be longer, involving distributors, wholesalers, […]