Retail Food Distribution Companies

Retail Food Distribution Companies

Retail food distribution companies are businesses that serve as middlemen between food producers or wholesalers and food retailers. They distribute food from producers to food retail stores.

Retail food distribution is usually carried out through short indirect channels and direct channels because of their short shelf life. Mostly, food products pass from these distributing companies directly to retailers, without the interference of wholesalers or other intermediaries.

The distributing companies may also be producers. They are important in the food supply as they buy, store and transport a variety of food in smaller quantities to stores where they are needed.

This list includes top food distributors in the United States.

  • Sysco

This American corporation is arguably the largest food distributor. It is based in Houston, Texas. They distribute globally to 90 countries around the world.

They run food do through the Broadline Opcos, the largest segment of their business. They run 330 distribution facilities worldwide that supply over 650000 customers. They are known for the fresh distribution of meat, quality seafood, and imported ingredients from around the world.

  • US Food Service

This is one of America’s greatest retail food distributors. They supply up to 300000 restaurants and food retailers.

They cover over 70 locations, providing a variety of food and after delivery support in form of business solutions to customers. They have headquarters in Columbia, Maryland from where they run about 100 distribution centers.

  • Performance Food Group

This company has been in the food distribution business for over a century gaining experience and adjusting to changes in customer preference and taste.

They have 100 strategically located distribution centers to meet their supply. They are based in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a good distribution company known for its expertise, excellence, and quality for over 120 years.

They are the largest family-run food distribution company in North America. They are committed to top-notch customer experience. They distribute bakery products, beef, beverages, dairy, egg products, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and grocery products amongst others.

  • Food Services of America

This retail food distribution company based in Seattle, Washington has eleven distribution centers from which they distribute food and food products to retailers across the country.

  • Reinhart Food Service

This is another retail food distribution company owned by Performance Food Service. They are known to distribute food with consistency, value, and quality. They distribute seafood, farm produce, bakery products, dairy, pantry, appetizers, beverages, and other foods.

  • Golden State Foods

This food distribution company lives up to its name by setting the gold standard in the business. They deliver to hundreds of thousands of customers in over 40 countries through their intercontinental distribution centers.

They have a value system built on top quality, customer service, and innovation. Distribution of food products including farm produce, dairy products, and proteins has been their line of business for 73 years

  • Shamrock Food Company


This is a family-owned food distribution business. Shamrock foods are considered the 7th largest U.S foodservice distributor.